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Hey there you little legend!

With years of experience working with teens as a youth worker and now as a qualified children & teens yoga teacher - I feel that I can introduce you to the world of Yoga with a point of difference that will get you hooked! This is a program that is real, authentic, specifically designed to benefit YOU!


With a genuine passion for helping young people, I am able to relate & connect to where you are at, your individual needs and draw on your strengths.

Some key differences of my teaching approach that will make Shanti Y&W stand out from the rest:

  • Real communication, checking in with you, listening and being present with respect rawness and honesty. 

  • Current music being played during class; Faster paced to incorporate your choices of tunes vibe, mood and needs on the day.

  • No “woo-woo” yoga vibes (at least in the first couple of classes with a new group!) - you’ll love it!

  • No discrimination.

  • The program is designed for young people! To be fun, explorative, challenging and not the “stereotype” of Yoga. Although you will get the same physical and mental benefits that yoga gives, it is an engaging and relaxed experience for people just like YOU!

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