Welcome to Shanti Y&W, I’m Corrine!

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With over 10 years of experience working with high-risk adolescents in the out of home care sector of DHHS, my qualifications & experience as a youth worker and children & teens yoga teacher, I feel that I can bring to the world of yoga & wellbeing a point of difference within the industry. A program and classes that are real, authentic, and specifically designed to benefit young people and adults alike.

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My Story

With a passion for helping young people in the mainstream, alternative and child protection systems I am able to relate to their individual needs and draw on their strengths.  Following duty of care and code of conduct, I offer parents & guardians. and all other services, the confidence that this program is run professionally within child safe practices and client-focused, whilst having a point of difference that will keep you - the adults, and young people coming back.


Some key differences of my teaching approach that make Shanti Y&W stand out from the rest are:

  • Real communication, checking in with young people, talking to them with respect and honesty. 

  • No discrimination.

  • No “woo-woo” yoga vibes (at least in the first couple of classes with a new group!) - they’ll love it!

  • Current music being played during class; Faster paced to incorporate their choices of music and their vibe/mood/needs on the day.

  • The class approach is more flexible to accommodate their wants and needs.

  • The program is designed for young people! To be fun, explorative, challenging and not the “stereotype” of Yoga. Although they get the same physical and mental benefits that yoga gives, it is an engaging and relaxed experience for young people from all backgrounds.

  • This program is available to DHHS and youth services by a qualified and experienced youth worker. This is my 'soul-cash' and I have the skillset and understanding required to build trust and rapport with this cohort of young people.

Contact Me

0412 336 962

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